Lorenzo Romano | composer


for 6 instruments and live electronics (2016)

Live recording: 30.10.2017 Afekt Festival, Tallin, Estonia

Schallfeld Ensemble
Zinajda Kodrič Flute
Szilárd Benes Clarinet
Manuel Alcaraz Clement Percussion
Flavia Cerrato Piano
Lorenzo Derinni Violin
Myriam García Fidalgo Cello
Davide Gagliardi Live Electronics and Sound Direction

Leonhard Garms Conductor

Furòre (from Latin “furor -oris” (be mad, flare up):
1.a) State of mental turmoil and great commotion provoked by anger or another violent passion. 1.b) Fierce violence, power.
2.a) Unrestrained desire. 2.b) Far furore: to arouse great enthusiasm.
My vision of “furore” is a net, which binds together:
deformations and deconstructions of pre-existing music material, obsessive rhythmical structures speeded up and slowed down, different states of sound qualities, violent percussive hits coming from junkyard metals, scratches (as heard in hip hop music), pre-recorded voices and sounds taken from action movies.