Lorenzo Romano | composer

S’y mire, s’y lave et s’y noie

for voice, flute, sax and piano

year: 2011 | duration: 7 minutes

notes: Composed for Acanthes 2011. Honourable mention at the international composition competition Valentino Bucchi 2012 (Rome).

S’y mire, s’y lave et s’y noie is a piece about love. The texts I used are a collection of fragments token from Victor Hugo, Tiqqun, William Shakespeare, Luigi Illica e Giuseppe Giacosa, Lorenzo Da Ponte, Wolfgang Goethe. Every fragment that I chose, represent a different way to speak about love. Evocative passages of European literature are connected with texts that belong to other worlds like opera and superficial sentences without any artistic value. Even though the strong contrapositions among these extracts, they are associated in diverse levels. The music, at the same time, follows a similar attitude, building hided and revealed contacts among the texts and the musical elements and among the musical figures in themselves. The title is token from the last verse of a sonnet by Victor Hugo and tells the three states of mind of “la Jeune fille amoureux”.

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Recorded 4-7-2011, Metz. By Jean-Pierre Pinet, flute; Donatienne Michel-Dansac, voice; Vincent Leterme, piano; Pierre-Stéphane Meugé, saxophone.

Other Performances: 15-04-2012, Rome. Freon Ensemble, conductor: Stefano Cardi.