Lorenzo Romano | composer

Chamber Music


Notturno autostradale (2013)
For string quartet

We rode horses made of sticks (2013)
For bass flute, piano, cello and contrabass.

S’y mire,  s’y lave et s’y noie (2011)
For saxophone, piano, flute and voice.

Bramada (2008)
For baritone sax and two accordions.

Kyrie eleison: una trascrizione (2007)
For flute, clarinet, violin and cello.

Canticum Graduum Salomonis (2006)
For soprano, harp and clarinet.

IV  (2006)
For flute, horn, alto and piano.

Cantando con furor Celeste fuggì (2005)
For harp, violin and cello.