Lorenzo Romano | composer


Ludovico Technique (2018)
Per Ensemble and Live Electronics.
Commission by Schallfeld Ensemble, supported by


Jesus, Bleibet meine Freude (2018)
Transcription from J. S. Bach for piano 4 hands.

Feel for me (2018)
Electronic music for the dance piece “Feel for me”

Crackpot (2017)
for Contrabbass Paetzold Recorder

Solo (2016)
For Tárogató and electronics

Furore (2016)
For six instruments and live electronics

Scene from “Unleashed” with Musicians, without Dancers (2015)
For flute, sax, cello, e-bass, tape and live electronics

Unleashed. The tale of the Treeman (2015)
Electronic music for a dance piece.
Choreographie: Michael Muñoz.

Time killer (2014-2015)
For Ensemble and a Stereo Cassette Recorder

Une chanson ni gaie ni triste (2014)
For Contralto, Bass, Oboe, Viola and Percussions

Unreasonable behavior (2014)
For Solo Cello

The Owls are not what they seem (2014)
For Sensor Augmented Bass Clarinet (Sabre)
and live electronics

K. Fragments of waiting (2009-2013)
Short Musical Action in three scenes
For soprano, baritone, two actors, flute (piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), piano, violin, cello and percussion

Notturno autostradale (2013)
for String Quartet

Alien Drive (2013)
Dance and cello

We rode horses made of sticks (2013)
Elaboration of “Bang Bang”
For bass flute, piano, cello and contrabass

… e’l trasmutar sembiante (2010-2012)
For Orchestra

3 Fragments (2012)
For baritone and orchestra

In questa notte gelida diventeremo tutti matti (2012)
For 2 orchestras and 2 choirs

Chi ha paura delle maree (2012)
For viola d’amore and Electronics

Logos III (2011)
For video and electronic music

S’y mire,  s’y lave et s’y noie (2011)
For saxophone, piano, flute and voice

Schattentanz (2011)
Elaboration of Schattentanz of “Schattentanz” from “Ein Kinderspiel” by Helmut Lachenmann
For Ensemble

Broken Bruch (2010)
For solo violin and Composers Choir

This song is strange (When you’re a stranger) (2009)
Elaboration of “People are strange” by The Doors
For baritone sax, trumpet, piano, guitar and mandolin

Viriditas nobilissima (2008)
For soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Canto I, II, III, IV (2008)
Four studies for English horn, oboe and live electronics

Bramada (2008)
For baritone sax and two accordions

Kyrie eleison: una trascrizione (2007)
For flute, clarinet, violin and cello

Quartina (2007)
For soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, cello and two percussionists

La Ricreazione (2007)
Video and electronics