Lorenzo Romano | composer

Schallfeld Ensemble


The Ensemble Schallfeld (ex MusikKollektiv) was founded in 2011 by former students of the Mastercourse Performance Practice in Contemporary Music, lead by the members of Klangforum Wien at the Music Academy of Graz-Austria. The young musicians come from five different nations and bring their cultural, professional and musical background together.

What connects them all is their love for contemporary art and their willingness to experiment. The group is not organized as a traditional ensemble, rather as a free group of solo players, which enables them to gather together in different forms as well as having a space for personal development.



Members are:

Elisa Azzarà flute
Zinajda Kodric flute
Matej Bunderla saxophon
Patrick Skrilecz piano
Maria Flavia Cerrato piano
Georgia Privitera violin
Lorenzo Derinni violin
Myriam García Fidalgo cello 
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka contrabass


Anahita Abbasi
Andres Gutierrez
Lorenzo Romano